The West

· Siga os passos de Jesse James e Billy The Kid: explore o Velho Oeste, bata-se em duele contra outros jogadores online, conquiste fortes e viva aventuras emocionantes!
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Jogue o jogo de browser grátis The West e crie seu próprio avatar para seguir os passos de famosos heróis do Velho Oeste, como Billy the Kid e Buffalo Bill. Escolha entre as quatro classes de personagens - pistoleiro, trabalhador, soldado e aventureiro - e conclua aventuras emocionantes. Desafie outros jogadores para duelos, construa uma cidade com eles e tome parte em estratégicas batalhas de fortes! mais...

The West é um MMORPG da InnoGames onde você começa como um novato enfrentando os perigos do Velho Oeste. Você pode criar seu próprio avatar e acumular experiência completando tarefas e fazendo trabalhos. Torne-se um pistoleiro desafiando outros jogadores para duelos! Prove suas habilidades na mesa de pôquer ou ataque fortes com outros jogadores!

Junte-se a outros jogadores e trabalhem em conjunto para construir sua própria cidade. As cidades não só permitem que você trabalhe com outros jogadores, como também construí-las lhe dá pontos de bônus extra, que poderão lhe ser úteis durante um jogo.



A Happy End25.08.2014

25 Ago
Adventures have been on the public beta for almost two weeks now and we are very happy with how things are going. The servers are stable (and bored, which is good thing to be when you’re a server) and we notice – and get – hardly any bug reports. Players do keep reporting connection issues […]


28 Jul
Most things start with a simple idea. Although I was not working for InnoGames at the time The West was created, I’m pretty sure there was an idea which resulted in the game you play today. The multiplayer instances, in short MPIs, started off with an idea as well but as the development progressed, that […]

How We Taught A Bear To Turn30.05.2014

30 Mai
This blogpost was written – but not published – a month ago. I finally had some time to prepare the images which hopefully makes this post a little bit easier to understand. The first prototype of MPIs had already featured a bear and a working pathfinding implementation. Unfortunately, it only worked because it was incomplete […]

Are You Talking To Me?15.04.2014

15 Abr
It has been a little bit quiet around here but that silence should be broken today! As we have been secretly working on the Multiplayers Instance whenever we had spare time, the hard labour finally paid off and first results are on their way. I won’t show you anything fancy today, I’m sorry, but maybe […]

MPI: Hide’n Seek04.11.2013

04 Nov
Over the last few weeks, more and more information has been released regarding a feature called multiplayer instances. Since those are quite long and boring words, we internally go with MPIs. Yeah, that’s not really creative, but for now, function over form has to suffice. Today I’ll add to the information already available. As mentioned, […]

Fort battle – mixing things up19.09.2013

19 Set
As you all might know there are some problems in the actual state of the fort battles. We think the addition of the resistance and damage formula were a good step into the right direction, but there are still lots of balance issues left and we are aware of it. But as usual the main […]

Track It or Frak It!14.02.2013

14 Fev
If you’re a beta player, you’re already enjoying the recently added Quest-Tracker in it’s purest and most prototypal form we could offer you. Although working hard on getting it done for the just released 2.03, we had to postpone it to 2.04. Despite the fact that it basically works sufficiently, we felt it still needed […]

2.03: TheWestApi change25.01.2013

25 Jan
Recently there is a small addition on our TheWestAPI which can be used by scripters. The belonging The West API page on this blog will be updated soon. Our TheWestApi.register method now returns a GameScript object. It contains most of the functionality as the TheWestApi. Due to backward-compatibility the usual methods are still there, but are marked […]

2.03 Sneak Peek: Fetch All The Markers13.12.2012

13 Dez
In the last weeks we’ve mostly been working on fixing bugs and preparing events I’m not allowed to talk about (thus no blog posts, I’m afraid). Recently I’ve been working on a couple of minor features the community has been requesting for ages though. Unfortunately, those additions will be in 2.03 which won’t be released […]

Link all the Items!28.09.2012

28 Set
Items   At the end I was able to implement a quite small but cool feature which we wanted to have since ages: Link Items. It was almost painful to show up a friend the just acquired recipe he may need or just share the epic item you’ve found during a job. With 2.0 this […]


  • RPG de navegador de cowboy
  • Velho Oeste
  • Desenvolvimento individual e personagem
  • Batalhas desafiadoras com vários jogadores
  • Fácil interação com outros jogadores
  • Aventuras emocionantes
  • Mais de 18.000.000 de jogadores registrados