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Tomorrow Comes to Forge of Empires – Today!

21. April

Have you ever wished you could see the future? Well luckily for you, Forge of Empires brings you a glimpse of what’s to come with its new age. From today on the much awaited Tomorrow Era is now available on …

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Tribal Wars 2 Game Designer Explains New Feature

09. April

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Tribal Wars 2’s new feature: Second Village. It’s simple, easy to understand and gets you into the mid-game quicker. Basically, it’s what newbie’s dreams are made of… To better communicate the Second Village feature, …

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The Return of the Hen: Grepolis Easter Event

01. April

Chickens mainly fall into two camps at InnoGames: a cute farm animal or food. And then, once in a while you find a mythical chicken that changes your whole gameplay. For us this was the case for our Greek inspired …

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Battle it Out with The West Easter Event

01. April

The start of spring doesn’t just bring good weather, it also brings new events to your favorite games. Especially for all our cowboys and cowgirls out there, since The West started their Easter Event this week. Although InnoGames TV covered …

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InnoGames TV Gives You a Free Tablet in April

27. March

With spring in the air and Easter around the corner, you can’t blame us for being a bit hoppy on this episode of InnoGames TV. As always, we bring you the latest news on all our games with a few …

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Spring into Easter with Forge of Empires

25. March

Do you know a Forge player? Better yet are you one of them? Well then pay attention this week because we are breaking down the Forge of Empires’ Easter Event! Starting on March 25 Forge will let you take part …

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Get Ready to Capture the Crests

11. March

There is only one way to beat this never-ending winter, and that’s by capturing the crests! If you’re confused we’re talking about the new Tribal Wars’ game event. This competition revolves around three game elements: challenges, locking crests and rewards. …

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Elvenar’s Battle System Basics

06. March

Elvenar might seem peaceful and easy going…until the fights break out! There is no denying that this is one of the most exciting parts of the game but do you know how to get the most out of it? We …

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Tribal Wars: Top 5 Things you Need to Know About the Mentoring System

04. March

Even though we’re only three days into March, Tribal Wars is already proving that a classic can still change. Not only did they start the year off with a new Game Designer they are now introducing a system that will …

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Boost Your Growth with Resource Deposits in Tribal Wars 2

19. February

Between conquering villages, overpowering enemies and eradicating their armies, successful players know how to bank on their assets. Sure there’s nothing sweeter than beating your adversary, but it’s hard to do so with little resources. You see, it’s just a …

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