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The Return of Busy Nights: InnoGames’ 7th Game Jam Comes in November

15. October

After a great outcome in gamescom, the InnoGames Game Jam returns to its birthplace in Hamburg in November! After six previous successful jams this event marks the seventh Game Jam for InnoGames and it will take place from November 14-16 …

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On the Road to Victory: Rising Generals’ Units Video

09. October

There is nothing sweeter than victory than the vehicles that get you there. This is why we decided to continue our coverage of Rising Generals with a video that focuses on your favorite aspect of any war game, the units. …

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Grepolis Brings you: Persian Conquest Event

06. October

Festivities are always the most vulnerable time for an empire. Your citizens are busy organizing and celebrating prosperous times while the enemy lurks in the shadows waiting to strike. This is what has happened in Grepolis. While everyone was celebrating …

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InnoGames TV: Say Hi to October with a New iPhone

25. September

Feeling down this fall? Harvest your luck this month with InnoGames TV! If it looks like we are celebrating on this episode…we are! and we have good reasons to: Grepolis celebrates its fifth anniversary with a new event while Forge …

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An Empire in your Pocket – Forge of Empires Releases their New Iphone App

25. September

We’ve all been there before, you are in the middle of a game, focused on recruiting, researching or building and leveling up fast. Then, all of a sudden someone comes out of the blue and utters the following dreadful words: …

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“Chronia Polla” Grepolis!

22. September

What is something that comes once a year and everyone has one? Give up? Well, it’s a birthday and Grepolis is celebrating its fifth one today. Since Grepolis started in 2009 around 25 million players have registered making it one …

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The West Celebrates the Fall with Oktoberfest Event

18. September

Fall in now upon us, you can feel and smell it in the air as the leaves start to fall and people start to cook their special dishes. Now, we know most of you don’t live in Germany, so you …

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Get Excited! New Trailer for Tribal Wars 2 is Out as Game Goes International

16. September

Loyal players, come hither! Today is exactly three weeks since Tribal Wars 2 opened the gates to its open beta, but now it’s time to go international. As you know, everyone here at InnoGames is really excited about this step …

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Ready, Load, Fire: InnoGames Releases New Gameplay Video

11. September

You’ve heard us talk about it, describe it and give you sneak peeks about it, but now you can actually watch a brief introduction on the general game-play of Rising Generals. In this new video, we show you the basic …

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Be Part of InnoGames’ Next Game Jam

03. September

Ladies and gentlemen we are proud to announce our 7th InnoGames Game Jam! The wait is almost over and since November has shorter days, it means that the 14th of. November is almost here! That’s right! Our next Game Jam …

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