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Jingle All the Way! InnoGames TV Releases December Episode

7 hours ago

The winter spirit has arrived at InnoGames! I don’t know about you but the holiday season always makes up for the cold for me. Maybe it’s the food or…all the neat events that happen in our games! Either way, our …

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Tribal Wars 2 on the go


As you already know we are not only eager to make our browsergames accessible on mobile devices, we also produce our latest games as cross-platform compatible right from the start. Sometimes you just want to take a quick look at …

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Interview with Stefan from the Elvenar-Team

20. November

Hello there, we can imagine that you probably have lots of questions regarding the mysterious world of Elvenar. That’s why we decided to interview the game’s Product Manager Stefan. He has accompanied Elvenar from the very beginning, so who could …

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Game Jam #7 – Recapitulation

17. November

Yesterday our 7th in-house Game Jam ended and what can I say? It was loud, creative, exhausting and a great deal of fun – all at once! On Friday evening the 140 participants from all over Germany arrived at the …

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Let the Adventures Begin- The West Releases New Feature

12. November

Get ready for some gun slinging action and see if you really have the pocket advantage. The West is challenging all its players with its new feature called The Adventures. Although some of your might have heard about this feature, …

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Brace Yourselves the Merchants are Coming

12. November

Winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming to Tribal Wars. In fact, a whole season before it arrives the merchants will be back! Starting Nov.11 trading will start once again in the game between the merchants and players for the …

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The Awakening of a New World – InnoGames Introduces Elvenar

11. November

The end of the year brings more than just the holidays here at InnoGames, today we are happy to announce a new game: Elvenar. Not only are we excited about this game because it is new, but because it means …

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InnoGames Gets Spooky with November Episode of InnoGames TV

31. October

There’s nothing more morbid than the start of November. Don’t think so? Hear me out, it starts the day right after Halloween and continues onto the day of the dead. As if that wasn’t enough it’s also the month where …

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The West Celebrates Dia de los Muertos with New Event

30. October

Death doesn’t have to be morbid nor does it have to elicit images of spooky Halloween inspired shows. In fact, death plays such a significant role in some cultures that there are specific holidays that remember the departed souls of …

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A Caldron of Treats- Grepolis Brings you its 2014 Halloween Event

27. October

Let your inner alchemist come out this month with Grepolis’ Halloween Event! This spooky time doesn’t have to be all about blood, guts or creepy crawlers, instead it can be about working with magic. And that’s exactly Grepolis’ intention this …

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