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Hercules to the Rescue! – Grepolis’ Thracian War Event Starts Today


Raise in arms Grecian leaders, for today calls for a new day and a new battle! InnoGames just announced the start of the Thracian War Event today, which means battling insurgents in over 60 battlegrounds. That’s not it though, players …

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Get to know your city- Tribal Wars 2 building overview

23. July

Salutations Tribal Wars 2 players! We know many of you are  anxious to start your cities and others have already had access to them,  but for those that haven’t, we wanted to give you a better idea of what you …

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Rising Generals – Art and Design

17. July

Listen up former lieutenants, For those of you who are eager to get your hands on the game, command artillery and blast your enemies we have exciting news for you! You might not be able to play the game just …

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Forge of Empires Soccer Cup ends this weekend – no extra time for this game!

11. July

Everyone who wants to be part of the thrilling penalty shootout in Forge of Empires should be quick now: The popular Soccer Cup ends this Sunday, July 13.

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Fast, faster The West – First speed server started!

09. July

I know that a lot of you where super excited when we put speed worlds on our roadmap for 2014. I’m now very happy to say that they are finally here! Over the coming months, we will be using our existing tools to try a number of concepts for the speed worlds on the public beta. If you've ever wondered what The West would look like if you swapped horses for rocketing turtles, cowboys for robots and time itself for trigger fingers, this is your chance to get a glimpse.

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The West celebrates Independence Day!

03. July

Howdy Cowboys! You may have recognized it: It's almost Fourth of July, the date of one of the most important holidays of the New World - Independence Day. Of course we prepared an exceptional event in The West for this very special day, there will be a huge festival. But we need your help: As befits the Wild West, all lend a hand, and so it is your responsibility to make the celebrations a success as well.

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Tribal Wars 2 help wiki online!

01. July

Greetings Tribal Wars 2 fans! The phrase “easy to learn but hard to master” is not only overused but way too often even wrongly. But if it applies to any game, then it’s clearly Tribal Wars 2. The initial session are very easy and streamlined, due to the new tutorial and a series of little helpers add to that.

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Rising Generals – Launch Trailer released

30. June

As you know our Rising Generals team is currently working very hard on the game to start the closed beta as soon as possible. And they’re doing it for one reason only: to get you – the players – in the game

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Speed up your life – Tribal Wars Speed Championships 2014

25. June

Are you tired of watching 3 soccer games a day, lots of the insanely boring? Then we have a great alternative for you: The Tribal Wars Speed Championships 2014 started today and our starting field is better than ever.

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Let the battle begin – Tribal Wars 2 closed beta started!

24. June

Today is THE day! Only a couple of minutes ago we opened the Tribal Wars 2 closed beta server to the first players. Now they can experience the successor of one of the most successful browser games ever for the first time.

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