· Are you ready to conquer the Olympus following in the footsteps of Ulysses, Achilles and the Greek heroes? A tiny settlement in ancient Greece awaits its new leader to develop it into an empire and take on the world!
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The free browser game Grepolis lets you create ancient Greece just the way you want it. Forge powerful alliances with other players and draw on the powers of the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, and Hades. Recruit armies on water and land and purchase mythical units, such as the Hydra, Pegasus, and Manticore. Build unique World Wonders to help you become ruler of the world of Grepolis! more...

The browser game Grepolis sees you start with a small polis, which you build into a metropolis over the course of time. You can choose between 13 different buildings and 8 monuments to shape your empire. These include silver mines, harbors, and timber camps. Plus, over 30 different technologies are available to research in the Academy of Grepolis. These include faster construction times as well as the ability to invade other cities.

As well as being able to build up your polis the way you wish, there are several gods in Grepolis for you to choose as personal guardians. The goddess Hera, for example, can help you increase production in your polis and the sea god Poseidon can help you weaken enemy sea powers.



Community update: Week 2127.05.2015

27 May
  The team has been working of the final preparations for the Commander of Rome, our summer event. We in the office have been playing it, and competing amongst us and it has been fun. We hope that you will…Read more ›

Community update: Week 2020.05.2015

20 May
So twenty weeks have passed and so much has been done, but still so much ahead of us… Right now the teams are working on the secret stuff to surprise you over the summer, as technical implementations continue to be…Read more ›

Community update: Week 1913.05.2015

13 May
The browser version During this week the team worked mainly on stability issues in the core engine of the game fixing and improving Grepolis. At the same time, the first steps towards our Summer Event were tested. But the event…Read more ›

Community update: Week 1806.05.2015

06 May
  The browser version On this update we have worked a bit more on the overall consistency of the game and improvements to the UI. We are also aware that sometimes changing some screens towards a more consistent look can…Read more ›

Community update: Week 1729.04.2015

29 Apr
  So this week we are short on new to tell you, I just got back to the office and getting oriented. And surely bugging everyone The browser version Our next update will be mostly technical on the game engine…Read more ›

Community update: Week 1622.04.2015

22 Apr
One more week passed by us… so to kick start your weekly update, I will bring back an old topic – “Migration to SSL”, yes… it is another reminder! don’t forget just a few more days until the entire Grepolis…Read more ›

Community update: Week 1515.04.2015

15 Apr
Last days of Easter! So have you collected all your rewards from our easter event? found all recipes and got the culture level? what about the hen as a special hero? Hurry up on the 19th the event will end…Read more ›

Community update: Week 1408.04.2015

08 Apr
Just a few more days of Easter! So just a few more days to climb the ranks and get your hands on the amazing Easter rewards. The browser version The development team has just rolled out this weeks update and…Read more ›

Community update: Week 1301.04.2015

01 Apr
Easter is here! And the event just went live every where, including a reset to the event on beta. We have also changed the recipes that were on beta to a new live book, so you will have to rediscover…Read more ›

Community update: Week 1225.03.2015

25 Mar
Easter is coming! Easter? already? are you sure? this is part of a conversation I had today with a friend… Time this year is just flying by. I still remember like it was last week celebrating the new year. But You…Read more ›


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  • Strategy MMO Game
  • Ancient Greece
  • Epic strategic battles
  • Various naval and ground forces
  • Huge alliances with other players
  • Different gods with unique powers
  • Numerous buildings and technologies
  • Over 25.000.000 registered players