Rising Generals

· Command your main base and an army in a retro futuristic setting. Defeat the enemies that have surrounded you, capture outposts, and bring nearby sectors under your control. Research new technologies to recruit even more powerful units.
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In the free online war game Rising Generals, you start off with just your main base and a small army to command. Your goal is to build it up to extend your reach - recruit troops to bolster your army, form Battle Groups with other players, and start conquering the surrounding sectors. The more outposts you own and upgrade, the more resources are at your disposal for recruiting more and more troops for your army. more...

Use your main base and its special underground facilities to improve and develop it - a total of 8 rooms and facilities are available. Produce resources needed for your war efforts in the factory and refinery, recruit troops in the barracks, and use rooms like the command center and the research center to employ officers to aid you in battle. The army intelligence provides you with spies - knowing your enemy well is of paramount importance to prevail!

Once you are set for battle, command mighty units in your armies - a wide variety of land and airborne units are ready to fight for you. Light units like armored cars and smaller tanks are inexpensive to build, but a well-balanced army also needs heavy tanks like the Demolisher. Different types of helicopters can take out enemy tanks, or protect your troops against other helicopters. Once you have upgraded your barracks sufficiently, you can build advanced units like tactical bombers, artillery, and specialized vehicles like mine layers.


  • War Strategy Game
  • Retro futuristic setting
  • Truly real-time battles
  • A large variety of ground and airborne unit types
  • Join Battle Groups to team up with other players
  • Research powerful new technologies
  • Expand and develop your main base