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We are hiring! Create games, connect characters, enjoy work.
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InnoGames Careers

We're here to make great games for our players!


For both career paths specialist and management career, we offer a variety of personnel development measures which involve the attendance of national, international and intercontinental conferences, hard skill and soft skill trainings as well as language classes.


The specialist career path is for employees who want to grow within their fields of expertise, without taking on leadership in a management role. Our career models transparently show the way of growth from a junior level to an expert level at InnoGames. 

The management career path is for employees who wish to take on a leadership role with managerial responsibilities. InnoGames offers trainings for all the different levels of leadership roles in the management path.

Faces of InnoGames

Team Lead Software Development
Corporate Systems

Senior Online Marketing Manager,
Performance Marketing

New Game

InnoGames Content Teaser
InnoGames Content Teaser

Looking for a challenge?
We are here to make great
games for our players!


We are proud to be honored  as Open Company and Top Company by kununu,
with the Diversity award and many more

Our Mission

We're here to make great games for our players - with high quality, virtual
worlds that link millions of people around the world.

Anywhere, anytime.

InnoGames Mission

Our Core Values

Are deep-rooted and fixed.They are independent of current business needs
and are what makes InnoGames a great and unique company!

Our Aspirational Values

The elements that inspire us and make our company better.
They are evolving, dynamic and progressive.


We always strive for long-term success.

Fair play

We show fair behavior to our players, to our partners and the whole company.

Open Information Sharing

We share information within the company to help everyone succeed.


For us games are more than a random product. We put all our passion and energy into great games.

Result Orientation

Define reasonable and measurable KPIs, commit to them, monitor progress, address issues at early stage.


Design efficient processes which allow quick actions and flexibility.


Enable employees and managers to give constructive feedback and implement feedback sessions into the regular HR-processes.


Strive to find a balance between the complex environment and simple solutions.

All open positions

Our open development positions, e.g. Software Development and System Administration

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Our open business positions, e.g. Marketing & PR, Analytics, Human Resources

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Our open product positions, e.g. Game Design & Art, Product Management, Quality Assurance

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