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Elvenar Announces Their First Guest Race: The Dwarves

3 hours ago

Let’s admit it: we all like visits – especially when your visitors bring stuff. Luckily for you, the guests in our games packed more than just food. Instead, they bring epic ingame features! At least that’s the case for Elvenar’s …

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Level Up Your Tribe with Tribal Wars 2 Newest Feature


You know how they say, “sharing is caring”? While your mom might have used it to convince you to share; we won’t need to because it will ultimately help you and your tribe! That’s right, in Tribal Wars 2’s newest …

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Halloween Comes To InnoGames TV With Bone-Chilling October Episode

30. September

With fall in the horizon, Halloween is the first holiday of the “season” and while we might leave our costume to the last minute we wouldn’t do that to InnoGames TV. This month, the October episode brings bone-chilling events and …

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Tribal Wars Begins September with Castle Assault

04. September

Summer might be ending but that doesn’t mean playtime has to stop, especially with Tribal Wars’ newest event: Castle Assault. For the next two weeks you can attempt to crack as many castles as possible to earn various rewards, such …

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InnoGames TV September Episode feat. the future of Elvenar

28. August

Tired of laying around in the sun? Good, because we have a bunch of information about your favorite games in this month episode of InnoGames TV! The show begins with our newest fantasy city builder Elvenar and the upcoming guest

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The Spartans are Coming!

20. August

Grepolis is ending the summer in the best way possible – with an epic battle! War-eager players can get their fix with the start of Spartan Assassins today. This new event is a continuation of Commander of Rome and pits …

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InnoGames TV Gives you a Glimpse Into the Future!

31. July

Looking for more InnoGames news in your life? Well you can finally stop wishing because we just release the August episode of InnoGames TV.  This month you’ll find exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming events! Ready for all the news? We …

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Elvenar Boosts your Social Game with Fellowships

29. July

Few things speak more about Elves than their sense of camaraderie. So in true Elven style our fantasy city builder Elvenar is adding two features to up your social game: Fellowships and ingame chat. From today on you and your …

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Tribal Wars Speeds Things Up with Tribal Wars Cup

28. July

It’s hard our there for a hardcore gamer: the game gets easier as your skill increases but your need for competition doesn’t stop. For all of those in this tricky dilemma, don’t worry, Tribal Wars has your back! As of …

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The West Starts the “Indian Quest” Competition

19. June

If you’ve ever stared at a quest and wondered how they came up with it, you can stop. Our shoot-‘em-up roleplaying game, The West is letting you take a crack at it with their new competition: “The Indian Quest”. Starting …

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