Attention Forge of Empires fans: How to use duplicate blueprints sensibly

Hey commanders,

In my last post, I told you how happy I was to see the first Great Buildings in my neighborhood. A lot has changed since then: After motivating and supporting my neighbors, I started to collect blueprints for my own Great Building. So far so good, but after some time, I had collected some identical blueprints, not knowing what to do with them. With the new update, our developers included a function for that: From now on, you have the possibility to exchange your needless blueprints. You just need two sets of double blueprints of the same building, or one certain type of blueprint three times. If these requirements are met, you can trade two blueprints for one new random blueprint. Therefore, with this function your superfluous blueprints become valuable.

Here is an illustrated instruction:

First step:

Open your Great Building construction menu. As you can see here, I got blueprint part two and eight for my statue twice.


Second step:

If you click on both of the blueprint parts you can mark them – (visible on the green frame). After that, the “trade”- button shows green and is clickable. When you now click on it, the last thing to do is to accept the request from your consultant.


Third step:

Voilâ: As you can see, I lost two of my useless blueprints and got a complete new one.

You see, it is worth collecting blueprints, even if you find one of the same kind twice or more often.


Until then, good luck finding new blueprints.

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