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Kartuga: weigh anchor and set sail

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Kartuga was a free-to-play browser game with roleplaying elements. The online action RPG gave the player the opportunity to live a pirate-life and roam the seas as a well-respected buccaneer. Kartuga was developed to lead the character through exciting adventures, solve quests and to take command over a whole fleet of many different pirate ships. During the game the player was meant to equip his vessel with e.g. better cannons and thicker planks to stay ahead of the enemies.

The player had the option to choose his pirate from three different character types: engineer, protector and destroyer. Each character had his individual ship and unique skills, like the offensive power of the destroyer or defensive skills of the protector. Using the skillset of each character to its full potential was crucial to sink ships of other factions and to win big naval battles.

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Info about what we at InnoGames offer

Unfortunately, Kartuga wasn’t able to meet our high quality standards, although it had a lot of awesome features. That is why the pirate browser game was shut down in the summer of 2013.

But that is no reason to be too sad. We have a multitude of other fantastic online games that you may also find interesting and enjoyable. So, just take a look at our browser game portfolio and find the perfect match for you!

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