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Lagoonia, the social game in paradise

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Lagoonia was a browser-based social game developed and published by InnoGames which gave players the opportunity to build up their own tropical island paradise. The focus of Lagoonia was the social interaction between the players like talking, playing together or flirting. It also offered a variety of options in character development and witnessing the whole life circle of a character from birth to death.

Starting out as the survivor of a plane crash, players of Lagoonia had to begin a new life on a deserted island. The first steps in the island game were to make sure that basic needs such as fire, food, water, and shelter were covered. After that, the tropical island could be explored further and extended with new buildings. Visiting other islands and making friends with other players were part of Lagoonia as well. Having a huge focus on social interaction, players could have lots of fun by creating their own beach bar, dance pavilion and beach volleyball field together.

Since Lagoonia was discontinued at the end of 2013, you may want to check out the current game portfolio of InnoGames. Although the decision had not been easy for us, Lagoonia wasn't able to fulfill our high expectations. But we are happy and proud to present our active online games to you!

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Info about what we at InnoGames offer

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Game Features of Lagoonia

  • 268 versatile single and multiplayer quests
  • tropical island feeling
  • social interactions as well as familial and friendship bonds with other players and their characters