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Dear Player,

We are pleased to hear that you are interested in creating video content (Let’s Plays, Strategy Guides, Walkthroughs etc.) of our games and we would like to give you the possibility to create such videos. By filling out the attached form, you can create a personalized statement of toleration for your own channel on Twitch, YouTube or any other live streaming or video-on-demand platform. It includes all games developed and published by InnoGames. However, we inform you in advance that we will not support you in the event of a claim brought by a third party against your video/s for any reason. Please be aware that such claims still may lead to the deletion of your content by the video platform.

In order to create a personalized statement, please fill out the following input fields. Please note that this statement is only for your own record, we do not store a copy of any data you enter.

Thank you for playing our games!

InnoGames GmbH

*Any data entered here will only be used to generate a personalized document and will not be stored or otherwise processed by InnoGames.

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games please click here.

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