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Can I use game material from InnoGames for fan content?

We think it's great that you want to create fan content with our game material. The enthusiasm for our games from players like you is what makes our fan community so special.

However, please adhere to the following guideline when using our game material.

What game material can I use?

You may use the content of our games that you can experience while playing our games, including but not limited to the graphics of our games, the texts and the soundtrack, as set forth herein.

You may not use any other content of InnoGames, such as the source code, the program logic, the advertising material, or any other content of our games that we do not expressly refer to here.

What can I do with game material?

It's okay for us if you create the following fan content with our game material, namely

  • tutorials
  • Let's Plays
  • reactions
  • reviews
  • speedruns
  • tutorials
  • walkthroughs
  • other "commentary style" videos

as long as our game material is used by you to describe or rate our games.

You can publish the fan content you create on video/streaming services (especially Twitch, YouTube, or others).

It is also okay for us if you want to use graphics of our games as a

  • screensaver or wallpaper,
  • part of your user profile or the profile of a user group in a chat room, forum, video game or other software or website, for example as a profile picture, profile description, website background,
  • Part of your non-commercial website that meets all legal requirements and clearly states that you are solely responsible for the website and its content,
  • part of a public wiki page about the game,
  • or physical reproduction, for example as a poster or mouse pad for private use in reasonable household quantities,

as long as you credit InnoGames as the source of any graphics you use.

Please note: The above use of our game material must always be non-commercial.

What does non-commercial mean?

Your use of our Game Materials is non-commercial if you use our Game Materials as a private individual for your personal use and you do not make any money or receive any other financial benefit from such use. Also, you may not use our Game Materials to promote any product or service (yours or any third party's).

However, monetizing your fan content by placing ads on video/streaming services (e.g. on Twitch or YouTube) is fine. Publishing on video/streaming services with a so-called "premium" service that provides fast video access without advertising in addition to a "free" viewing method, or collecting voluntary contributions from viewers, e.g. via SuperChat on YouTube or Bits on Twitch, is also fine.

Companies should contact the following address with licensing inquiries:

What else do I need to consider when using game material?

When using our game material, you also need to observe the following:

  • No discrimination or inappropriate content: We do not want our Game Material to be used to discriminate against others (especially on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion) or to advocate or glorify drug use, hatred, violence, illegal activity, torture, genocide, or crimes against humanity. We also do not want our Game Material to be placed in a political, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate or offensive context. These guidelines must also be observed if you use game material - e.g. as a profile picture - and link to corresponding posts.
  • No illegal content: We do not want our Game Material to be associated with content that violates any law - especially criminal laws and laws for the protection of minors - or that incites violations of the law. This includes any insulting or defamatory use of our game material against other persons. These guidelines must also be observed if you use game material and link to corresponding contributions.
  • No editing and/or mixing of Game Material with other content: We do not want our Game Material to be edited or altered or mixed with content of other companies. Our Game Material may only be used by you in the way you perceive it in the game. Editing would be, for example, mixing our graphics with other graphics or partially painting over our graphics.
  • No promotion of your content as official or InnoGames sponsored content: You may not promote your content created with our Game Material as official InnoGames content or state that the production of the videos/streams is associated with or sponsored by us unless there is a separate agreement between you and us.
  • Use of our trademarks: You may use our trademarks (e.g., game title and our company name) only to explain that a video/stream is about one of our games.
  • No use of music or soundtrack separate from the game experience: You may not use the music/soundtrack of our games separate from the game experience, i.e., the music/soundtrack may only be "shared" by you in the context of showing our games.

We will determine whether your Fan Content meets these guidelines.

This Guideline expressly does not constitute, and should not be deemed to constitute, any permission, approval, authorization, license or equivalent legal act. We expressly reserve all rights in our content - including our Game Material - including, without limitation, the right to object to the use of Game Material and to require third parties hosting such content to remove it. We reserve the right to take legal action against any use of our Game Materials that we deem to be infringing without giving any reason.