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A Carbon Neutral Company
Reducing Consumption and Preserving the Planet

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InnoGames Is Green

The widespread impact of climate change is clear. At InnoGames, we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to solutions and are committed to protecting our planet. This is why InnoGames is a climate neutral company. We’ve taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint and offset the rest through meaningful projects. In 2021, 454t of carbon have been offset. With this, InnoGames has been able to continue to support selected projects at the global and local levels, including a clean solar energy program for Namibia and ongoing tree planting in Germany.  


Climate Neutral Badge

"We believe that sustainability is not only important in how we design our games, but also in how we care for our environment. Over the last several years, we invested heavily to reduce our energy consumption and switch to more environmentally friendly solutions. In the future we will continue to reduce our carbon emissions. This is also why I am a member of Leaders for Climate Action, to exchange ideas with other tech entrepreneurs, motivate us to be better and encourage others to get involved. Every bit counts and together we can make a difference."
Michael Zillmer, COO and Co-founder


InnoGames Emissions at a Glance

Total Carbon Offset
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What We Already Do

In addition to offsetting our emissions, we also take steps to reduce our consumption.

What We Already Do

In addition to offsetting our emissions, we also take steps to reduce our consumption.

HVV Ticket

Monthly contribution to public transportation ticket

LED Lights

LED lights have been installed in our office

Water Dispensers

Water dispensers can be found throughout our office, replacing bottled water

Renewable Energy Supply

Renewable energy sources provide power for our office

Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Our in-house canteen offers freshly prepared meal options from regional suppliers


Company bicyles, a bicycle leasing program and and regular maintenance days provide a safe alternative transportation option

Home Office

Hybrid work model provides the opportunity to work from home office

Eco-Friendly Supplies

Sustainable and recyclable products are chosen with the environment in mind

We have chosen meaningful projects to support from the offset emissions.

Clean solar energy for Namibia, verified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH

More than sixty percent of Namibia's energy is imported from the South African energy pool, which is mainly supplied by fossil-fuel power plants. To reduce this dependence, the carbon offset project in Omaheke near the town of Gobabis in Namibia uses the sun as a climate-friendly energy source: The solar plants constructed in 2017 include 18,560 PV solar modules and have a total capacity of 12.064 MW. As a result, approximately 26.1 GWh of clean electricity is fed into the Namibian power grid annually. This sustainable power generation saves an average of about 25,760 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

For more information about solar energy for Namibia: Click Here

Tree Planting in Germany, implemented by the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V.

Despite being densely populated in some regions, Europe is home to many precious woodlands. But these ecosystems, too, are affected by climate change. By participating in regular joint planting campaigns in our nearby region, we support the afforestation and protect natural habitats.

More information about tree planting: Click Here


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Leaders for Climate Action

Leaders for Climate Action is a climate protection initiative of over 1000 digital entrepreneurs from all over the world. All members aim to make their companies more climate-friendly and reduce their carbon emissions. Together, this allows them to work towards the common goal of making the biggest possible contribution in the fight against the climate crisis.  

Learn more about this initiative: Click Here

Time for Climate Action

Time for Climate Action is a large-scale campaign organized by LFCA with the goal of using its community’s resources to engage 50 million people and thousands of companies in climate action. The week-long campaign coincides with Earth Day, but the work doesn’t stop at the end of the week and there is never a wrong time to do something good for the planet.  

Learn more about the campaign: Click Here