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Faces of InnoGames


Meet our colleagues from Development & IT departments.


Meet our colleagues from Creative & Product Management departments.


Meet our colleagues from Business & Game Support departments.

Our Core Values

They are deep-rooted, fixed, and independent of current business needs.
The core values are what makes InnoGames unique.

Our Aspirational Values

The elements that inspire and guide us towards constant improvement.
They are evolving, dynamic, and progressive.


We always strive for long-term success

Fair Play

We show fair behavior to our players, to our partners and the whole company

Open Information Sharing

We share information within the company to help everyone succeed


For us games are more than a random product. We put all our passion and energy into great games

Result Orientation

Focus on great results: delivered in quality, time and budget


Make quick decisions, deliver fast and learn from feedback


Give feedback in all directions and be open to accept it to improve yourself


Keep it simple and straightforward


Why join our team?

Come and stay

Sustainability is one of our core values. We have been growing steadily for the last twelve years and are always focused on a long-term success not only of the company, but of the people. We don't hire on a project basis but look for long-lasting work relationships. You can build your career at InnoGames. In fact, around 50 colleagues celebrate their 5- and 10- year Innoversaries with us each year. 

Learn and make progress

We are Germany's leading online and mobile game developer and we truly are good at what we do. We also don't want to keep any of that knowledge from you – we embrace open information sharing to help our people be on top of their game. Additionally, we offer numerous training and development opportunities to our colleagues from every department, starting from the probation period. 

Create and influence

Games are a rapidly changing industry. We are constantly presented with new exciting challenges and always strive to improve. Therefore, we are open to your ideas, suggestions and solutions. Everyone can test their ideas and make a difference at InnoGames.  

Enjoy work

We don't just offer a work-life balance. We aspire to make your time at InnoGames be considered life too. Here's a sneak peek at what we have:

  • a community of diverse but like-minded professionals from over 30 nations;
  • flexible schedules and no crunch time;
  • lots of social events (online at the moment);
  • commitment to health and well-being;
  • plenty of other perks and benefits.

Live in Hamburg

Our headquarters are in Germany's second-largest city, and we bet it's hard to find a more convenient place to work and live than Hamburg. You are not a local but ready to pack your bags and join us here? Choose your role in the family and read on how we will settle you in the city, InnoGames way!  

Join the fair play

Having a fair play as one of the core values, we are devoted to rewarding everyone at InnoGames justly. We have unified salary grids in place for different positions, and we compare them with the market regularly to ensure a competitive compensation strategy. 



The specialist career path is designed for those who want to grow within their fields of expertise without taking on leadership in a management role.

The management career path is in place for those who would like to embrace a leadership position with managerial responsibilities.

Both career models transparently show the way of growth from a Career Starter to an Expert or Head level within InnoGames. 


For both specialist and management career paths, we offer a variety of opportunities to help you build up your skills and move forward: trainings, courses, workshops, and tickets to national and international conferences.




You can do an apprenticeship in the field of IT, Design, and Marketing. 

The apprenticeship starts in August and takes around 3 years to complete. In addition to tons of learning and training opportunities, we offer an above average salary from 1200 EUR/month. After successful completion of the program, we would like to offer you a Junior position.

Interns are welcome!

We regularly offer internship positions that can help you get practical experience in HR, Engineering, Marketing, and other departments at InnoGames with a duration of at least 6 months in full-time (40h/week). 
Unfortunately, due to limited capacities, we cannot offer school internships.

Want to gain some real-world experience during your study?

You can work for 20h/week as a Working Student in departments such as Community Management, Analytics, HR, and more. An important condition: working students must be enrolled in the university.

Would like to study and gain some practical experience at the same time? 

With our InnoStudent programs InnoBachelor and InnoMaster, we are offering an attractive university package as well as an excellent on-the-job training. Choose between two tracks: DEV for tech careers and BIZ for business related studies. The duration of each program is approx. 3 years.

Welcome to Hamburg

30% of our colleagues are not from Germany. And we know from them, that changing home may be not so easy. For years, we have been collecting experience and developing a top-notch relocation support system to make sure that if you are not a local, your moving to Hamburg will be the least overwhelming and as simple and enjoyable as possible. We are here to support you and your family at each stage of your relocation journey!

  • InnoGames will assist you with legal formalities such as requesting a work permit and registering with local authorities.
  • We'll help you navigate Hamburg's housing market. Until you have found a new home, move to our comfortable InnoFlat in the heart of Hamburg.
  • Moving with kids? InnoGames will offer support in finding a suitable child care facility or a school.
  • We want you to feel at home at InnoGames but also in Germany. That is why we offer German lessons and special integration classes for you and your family.
  • You are welcome to attend numerous social events that InnoGames organizes on a regular basis to help you get to know your colleagues and become a part of the community fast.

Taking some of your relocation to-dos on ourselves, we hope you'll have more time to explore and fall in love with your new home — diverse, laid-back, fun, comfy, and stunning Hamburg.




We are proud to be one of the award winners of the "Best Employers in ITK 2021", honored as Great Place to Work, as Open Company and Top Company by kununu, presented with the Diversity award, and many more.

All open positions

Development & IT

Business & Game Support

  • Details

    VIP Account Manager

    Hamburg | Full-Time

    Get in touch with our VIP players around the world and bring Community Management to the next level.

  • Details

    PR Manager

    Hamburg | Full-Time

    As PR Manager, you will work directly together with the management, thus we are looking for a talented storyteller with highly professional communication skills to raise awareness and drive engagement.

  • Details

    Senior Data Scientist

    Hamburg | Full-Time

    Help us shape, explore and utilize data from millions of players and events every day! We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to enhance our Analytics team.

  • Details

    Data Scientist

    Hamburg | Full-Time

    Help us shape, explore and utilize data from millions of players and events every day! We are looking for a Data Scientist to enhance our Analytics team.

  • Details

    Marketing Data Analyst

    Hamburg | Full-Time

    Data is our most important resource and foundation of our actions: Help us shape, explore and utilize data from millions of players and a wide range of marketing activities!

  • Details

    Marketing Manager

    Hamburg | Full-Time

    As a Marketing Manager, you have the possibility to join and work along side our team full of Marketing professionals. Take over the responsibility of your own campaigns, benefit from the Team's knowledge & guidance and progress your career in the creative world of Gaming.

  • Details

    As Talent Acquisition Manager, you are our key player in attracting and hiring international talent in an industry bigger than music and film combined. You will be part of a highly dedicated and fun team - we love to achieve our team goals and to celebrate this together.

  • Details

    Business Development Manager

    Hamburg | Full-Time

    With an open, innovative and sales driven mindset, you are working on the team’s strategy and acquisition of new high potential B2B marketing partnerships around the world with a focus on Europe and North America. As a Business Development Manager, you will actively contribute to the successful...


Creatives & Product Management

Career Starters