Tribal Wars

· Control a small village in the Middle Ages, striving for power and glory. Expand your kingdom and conquer the villages of neighboring players or unite in tribes to take on more powerful enemies.
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Rule your own medieval village in the classic free browser game Tribal Wars from InnoGames. Construct and expand more than 15 different kinds of buildings, such as an academy or a hiding place. You can also strengthen the ranks of your army with up to nine different defensive and offensive units, such as spear fighters and heavy cavalry. Team up with other players to form a tribe and declare war on other tribes! more...

The first steps in playing the browser game Tribal Wars involve enlarging your small village and increasing your troops. You can do so using a variety of buildings, such as a clay pit and a timber camp. With the help of a barracks, you can ready troops for battle, whether it's for attacking or defending.

Playing Tribal Wars also involves taking on other players. Join with other players to create a tribe and provide your village with better protection as well as support your fellow tribe members. But sometimes attack is the best form of defense: Unite your troops, prove your combat strength in battle against enemy tribes, and expand the borders of your tribal area. Which tribe will triumph and conquer the world of Tribal Wars?



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  • Classic Strategy MMO
  • Middle Ages
  • Management and creation of an empire
  • Impressive tribes with other players
  • Interaction with friends and foes
  • Sophisticated strategic possibilities
  • Massive multiplayer battles
  • Over 52.000.000 registered players