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Rise of Cultures

Historic city building game

Available for: iOS, Android, Browser

Build epic cities, explore a variety of historic cultures and meet famous leaders of the past! Develop your civilization. Engage in an advanced multiplayer world. Find the best strategy to rule your lands. Progress through the game and dive into the well-known cultures of mankind.

Based on the historic development of various civilizations, your world map will fill up with various cultural settlements. To let your city flourish in the era of Classic Greece, you will need to make friends with ancient Egyptians. Use Egyptian goods, to establish your influence on the continent and expand further. Ally with The Chinese Empire to get all the materials needed to lead your city through the glorious times of the Roman Empire. Fight strategic battles against the history’s most famous war chiefs. King Minos, Leonidas, Hannibal – just a few of the many enemies you will face in the strategic PvE battles.

Meet famous historic characters along your way! Fight strategic battles side by side with Caesar. Discover traditions of the mysterious Egypt together with Cleopatra. Research new technologies with Einstein and use science to advance your city. Your smart leadership and strategic skills will determine how fast your civilization develops. Choose the best tactics to lead your people to honor. Witness the Rise of Cultures!

Rise of Cultures is free to play without restrictions. However, players may choose to make in-game purchases. 


Rise of Cultures at a glance

Want to experience mankind’s history firsthand and lead your empire to glory? Rise of Cultures awaits!

All facts about Rise of Cultures:

  • City Building Strategy Game
  • Real historic characters and events
  • Multiplayer
  • Different cultures
  • Building an empire
  • Exploring and Researching
  • Strategic PvE battles


  • Establish your empire: BUILD multiple cities with different civilizations!
  •  Unlock different CULTURES and experience history!
  •  Join an ALLIANCE – chat, trade and collaborate with other players worldwide.
  •  FIGHT strategic PvE battles.  Research the newest war technologies and train your troops to spread your influence faster!
  • TRADE goods with your neighbors. Have some bronze on your hands while your neighbor is producing wool? Enrich your empire by building strong trade relationships!
  •  RESEARCH new technologies! Science is key to progress faster.
  •  EXPLORE new territories! Travel through the world map and expand your lands.
  •  MEET famous historic characters along the way.

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