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Sunrise Village

Exploration and farming simulation

Available for: iOS, Android, Browser

One day you receive a letter from your grandfather asking for your help. A strange stone circle has appeared in the peaceful world of Sunrise Village. Buildings are overgrown with thorny vines, and everything else is shrouded in a mysterious thick fog. The events seem to be related to an ancient story about legendary artisans who crafted six magical crystals to harness their elemental energy. Will you be able to find the crystals? Hurry up and help your grandfather rebuild the village and uncover its secrets!

Meet friendly villagers along the way and help them repair their houses and workshops. Take care of your adorable farm animals: Chickens and cows need your attention. Harvest vegetables like peas and produce goods like hay, plywood, gravel, and even candy! You'll need these and many other resources to generate energy, rebuild the farm, construct a hot air balloon, travel around the area, and finally solve the mystery of Sunrise Village.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoy an unspoiled natural landscape and explore the breathtaking beauty of Sunrise Village, its forest and other places in the area. Navigate the world map and unlock new lands. Dive into your adventure now!

Sunrise Village is free to play without restrictions. However, players may choose to make in-game purchases. 


Sunrise Village at a glance

Longing for a new adventure? It's time to discover Sunrise Village!

All facts about Sunrise Village:

  • Simulation Game
  • Adventures
  • Mysteries
  • Quests
  • Taking care of a farm
  • Friendly villagers
  • Helping your grandfather


  • Save the village and uncover the secret of the stone monument
  • Explore a spectacular world full of mysteries
  • Help your grandfather to rebuild the farm and tailor it to your own tastes
  • Meet friendly villagers and discover their stories
  • Gather resources and produce goods. Make your farm flourish along the way
  • Complete daily quests and win exciting rewards

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