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Mobile games on the rise

Info about our Browser Games

At the beginning of 2014, almost every second resident of InnoGames’ home country Germany owned a smartphone. The number of tablets is also constantly rising all over the world. With this growing spread of mobile devices and ubiquitous internet access, online games are not restricted to desktop PCs and browsers any longer. So after originally starting out as company that develops and publishes browser games, harnessing these new possibilities and offering the players more options is the next logical step for InnoGames.

This is why we have 2 mobile games in our portfolio today, turning the previous browser-based online games into true cross-platform masterpieces, accessible on desktop PCs as well as via smartphones and tablets. Needless to say that all our new games are being developed for all those different devices right from the start.

  • Take control over your medieval Tribal Wars village on your mobile device! Although the browser game is a true classic, it still adapts to modern times and is available as an app
  • The strategy MMO game Grepolis is also one of our “early adopters” when it comes to mobile game versions. We offer app versions for both Android and iOS since autumn 2013
  • Forge of Empires is the third product in our strategy games portfolio that is available as an app and ready to be played everywhere and at any time
  • When taking the basic concepts of the classic Tribal Wars and reworking them into the new Tribal Wars 2, the mobile version was a focal point right from the start

Online games for your mobile device, or short: Mobile games

The great thing about mobile games is that you no longer need your desktop PC to play them. Just take your favorite game with you, wherever you go. No matter if your device is based on Android or iOS, all you have to do is to download and install the free app.

It is so simple and convenient. You are sitting in a train, wait for a friend to show up or need a short break from work? Just pull out your smartphone or tablet and dip into your mobile games’ universe! Proceed with your current mission, harvest and order new resources, increase your wealth and power or check your troops, wherever you are and whenever you like.

Just download the app for free and start playing

Playing the free mobile games of your choice could not be any easier. In this section we provide you with the direct links to both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store. You only have to click on the mobile version you need, download and install the free app from the respective store and can

  • Start playing right away without signing up via Direct Play
  • Register as a new user or
  • Login with your existing account

If you are new to one of our online games, a helpful guide will show you the ropes and how to get started. If not, you can just pick up where you left the game after your last login. Get started now!

Browser-based gaming and beyond

First and foremost our games were – and of course still are – games that you can play in your browser, without the need to download or install anything. But now, since more and more people enjoy playing their favorite online game not only at their personal computer at home or during lunch breaks in the office, we also offer our games as mobile apps in order to provide seamless gaming fun wherever you are. If you have not already done so, you should check out our mobile game apps!.